The Programme

transformative scenario planning

Transformative scenario planning offers a new way to work together to change the future. As such, this module will focus on providing participants with the tools they need to envision possible, probable and plausible future scenarios for the society in which they live and to build on their preferred future.

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design thinking for social innovations

Design Thinking is a relatively new approach being used to tackle complex problems. It incorporates constituent insights in depth as well as rapid prototyping aimed at getting beyond the assumptions that block effective solutions.

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social innovation and social entrepreneurship

Being socially innovative and running a ‘social enterprise’ are distinctly different although these terms are often used interchangeably when discussing organisations and businesses that pursue social objectives. This module then, will clarify the distinctiveness of each term and the qualities that go into making them distinct.

leading societies through change and into the future

Visionary leadership is key to the success of social innovations. This module then, will focus on the skills necessary to lead societies to achieve the preferred future scenario. It will look at leadership styles and provide participants with the tools to analyse and understand their own leadership style.

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